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Working / Submitted Papers

"Preferences and Equilibria in History Based Models"

"A Game Theoretical Semantics for LFI"

"A Curryesque Paradox in Epistemic Game Theory"

"A Game Theoretical Semantics for a Logic of Nonsense"



"A Yabloesque Paradox in Epistemic Game Theory", Synthese, vol. 195, no. 1, pp. 441–464.  pdf  pub


"A Non-Classical Logical Approach to Social Software", in Rohit Parikh on Logic, Language and Society, Edited by C. Başkent, L. Moss and R. Ramanujam, pp. 91-109, Springer.  pdf  pub

"Preface for 'Rohit Parikh on Logic, Language and Society' " (with L. Moss and R. Ramanujam), in Rohit Parikh on Logic, Language and Society, Edited by C. Başkent, L. Moss, R. Ramanujam, pp. vii-xii, Springer.  pdf  pub

"Rohit Parikh on Logic, Language and Society", Edited by C. Başkent, L. Moss, R. Ramanujam, Outstanding Contributions to Logic Series (vol. 11), Springer.  pub


"Game Theoretical Semantics for Some Non-Classical Logics", Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, vol. 26, no. 3, pp. 208-39.  pdf  pub

"Public Announcements and Inconsistencies: For a Paraconsistent Topological Model", in Epistemology, Knowledge and the Impact of Interaction, Edited by J. Redmond, O. P. Martins and A. N. Fernandez, pp. 251-268, Springer.  pdf  pub

"Towards Paraconsistent Inquiry", The Australasian Journal of Logic, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 21-40.  pdf  pub

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"Perspectives on Interrogative Models of Inquiry", Edited by C. Başkent, Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning Series (vol. 8), Springer.  pub

"Game Theoretical Semantics for Paraconsistent Logics", in Preceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Logic, Rationality and Interaction (LORI-V), Edited by W. van der Hoek and W. Holliday and W. Wang, pp. 14-26, Springer.  pdf  pub

"Epistemic Game Theoretical Reasoning in History Based Models" (with Guy McCusker), in Informal Preceedings of Strategic Reasoning Workshop (SR-2015), Edited by J. Gutierrez and F. Mogavero and A. Murano and Michael Wooldridge.  pdf

"Some Non-Classical Approaches to Branderburger-Keisler Paradox", Logic Journal of the IGPL, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 533-552.  pdf  addendum  pub

"Inquiry, Refutations and the Inconsistent", in Perspectives on Interrogative Models of Inquiry - Developments in Inquiry and Questions, Edited by C. Başkent, pp. 57-71, Springer.  pdf  pub

"Preface for 'Perspectives on Interrogative Models of Inquiry' ", in Perspectives on Interrogative Models of Inquiry - Developments in Inquiry and Questions, Edited by C. Başkent, Springer.  pdf  pub


"Public Announcements, Topology and Paraconsistency", in Informal Proceedings of LOFT Conference 2014.  pdf

"Some Observations on Nabla Modality", unpublished manuscript.  pdf


"Some Topological Properties of Paraconsistent Models", Synthese, vol. 190, no. 18, pp. 4023-4040.  pdf  pub

"Homotopies in Classical and Paraconsistent Logics", unpublished manuscript.  pdf


"Some Non-Classical Methods in Epistemic Logic and Games", The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, PhD Dissertation.  pdf

"On Knowledge and Obligation" (with Loes Olde Loohuis and Rohit Parikh), Episteme, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 171-188.  pdf  pub

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"Geometric Public Announcement Logics", in Preceedings of the 24th Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference (FLAIRS-24), Edited by, pp. 87-88, AAAI Press.  pdf  pub

"Completeness of Public Announcement Logic in Topological Spaces" (abstract), Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, vol. 17, No. 1, p. 142.  pdf  pub


"Vicdani Reddin Politikasına ve Pratiğine Dair Formel Bir Değini" (in Turkish: "A Critical Treatise of the Politics and Practice of Conscientious Objection"), Felsefelogos, Sayı 39, s. 99-112, Eylül 2010.  text  pub

"Towards Multi-agent Subset Space Logic" (abstract, with Rohit Parikh), Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, vol. 16, No. 1, p. 108.  pdf  pub


"A Geometrical - Epistemic Approach to Lakatosian Heuristics", in Preceedings of the Seventh Panhellenic Logic Colloquium, pp. 8-14, Patras University Press.  pdf  pub

"An Examination of Counterexamples in "Proof and Refutations" " (with Samet Bagce), Philosophia Scientiae, vol. 13, No.2, pp. 3-20.  pdf  pub


"Topics in Subset Space Logic", Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Master Thesis Series.  pdf  pub